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Opening Hours:


Contact us to schedule appointment or ask for e-consultation via the link above.

Tele: 01708 741872 or 01708 747147

email: do not send emergency or urgent queries via email.You still need to ring the above numbers or dial 999.

Why not register to access our appointments online, go to registration link to register.


Register for online access 

To order your repeat medication and book appointments online.

Download the NHSAPP on you smartphone and follow the instructions to register. NHS APP

Post Operative Care, removal of stitches

The Post Operative Care Clinic at the Harold Wood Polyclinic is a by-appointment only, this service is for patients who have recently had surgery in hospital, had a wound treated in A&E or had minor surgery carried out by Havering GPwSI clinic.


Please note that all new patients must give at least 24 hr notice and if an appointment is required Monday they should call before the weekend.

To make an appointment, call the Harold Wood clinic on 01708 792000.

Self Referrals

There are many places you can self refer too without the need to see a doctor, this can not only save doctors appointments but can also save time on the length you shall wait for appointments to certain places. Below are a list of places you can refer too and how to do this:

Self referral to Antenatal Care – Please click here.

Self referral for Mental Health – Please click here.

Self referral for Marie Stopes – Please click here.

Self referral for Sycamore Trust – Please click here.

Self referral for Add Up – Please click here.

Self referral for Talking Therapies -click

Community Treatment Team

The community treatment team works with adults in the community with acute medical needs and could potentially be treated at home, rather than attend accident and emergency (A&E).


The aim of the Community treatment team (CTT) service is to prevent unnecessary hospital admissions for those people who are experiencing an acute, physical health crisis, for example, exacerbation of infections, worsening of long term conditions, such as COPD and falls without injuries.


Contact the CTT service

The service runs 8am- 10pm 7 days a week.

Tel: 020 3644 2799
Fax: 020 3644 2790
Mobile: 07940 301 396



We are located in RM7 0PX
For Life-Threatening Emergencies Call 999