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There are services where you can refer yourself, instead of needing to visit the GP. Here are some the local services below. Please be aware that some of these organisations may charge for their services.

Are you pregnant? Refer yourself to pregnancy services.

You don’t need GP referral to access abortion or vasectomy services.

If you’re struggling, visit the site below for local help.

Support for autistic spectrum and learning difficulties.

Preparation for Blood Test

Treatments and services who are struggling in their daily lives.

Supports and educates families and professionals with ADHD.

Useful Links

Below are additional links to helpful services such as housing, benefits, council taxes, child health, mental health, relationship and more.

Local Advice Finder

Advice local helps you find information relating to: welfare benefits and tax credits; council tax, housing and homelessness - and more. 


Citizens Advice

Citizens Advice centres can offer help on a range of things including benefits, housing issues, services and legal matters.


Phone: 01708 763531

Relationship Problems

A service for adults from age 18 needing community mental health services in Havering. 


Phone: 01708 441722

Address: Langtons House, RM11 1XJ

Havering Access & Assessment

A service for adults from age 18 needing community mental health services in Havering. GP and self-referrals accepted.



Phone: 0300 300 1570


Struggling right now? If you feel you just need to talk to someone, call the number below.


Phone: 08457 90 90 90

Child Health Advice

At St. Kilda’s, they have a drop-In clinic for Infant Care & Feeding Advice. Mon - Fri (9AM - 5PM)

Website: St . Kilda’s, 90 Eastern Road, RM1 3QA

Phone: 08457 90 90 90

Mental Health Services

If you live in Barking and Dagenham, Havering, Redbridge, Waltham Forest, Essex, Kent & Medway, you can call for mental health help and advice anytime of the day or night.

Phone: 0300 555 1000


Contact or visit the Peabody website for one-to-one support with housing issues in Havering.


Phone: 01708 776 770


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