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Tests, Results & Referrals

 A clinician might recommend you to have a medical test to: find out what’s causing your symptom, screen for a specific condition or health problem, check your general health, or monitoring of a long term condition.

Alternatively if you have been referred to a speciality, the Wait well link has information and resources to support you while you are waiting for treatment.  Home - Wait well, stay well (

Preparation for Blood Test

Blood Tests

A blood test can be used to: Assess your general state of health, confirm the presence of a bacterial or viral infection see how well certain organs, such as the liver and kidneys, are functioning.

To book a blood test you don't need to book an appointment with your GP. Click the link below.


Blood test results: 5 days (it’ll likely take longer for some tests)

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X-rays are a very effective way of detecting problems with bones, such as fractures. They can also often identify problems with soft tissue, such as pneumonia or breast cancer.

In order to maintain confidentiality, laboratory and X-ray results will only be given to patients themselves or to the parents of minors.


X-rays results: 1 to 2 weeks.

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PCR test

In-Clinic Tests

At Modern Medical Cantre, we also collect a range of other samples to help diagnose your health. This includes toenail clipping, stool samples, urine samples and swabs.

Toenail clippings: 4 weeks
Stool (poo) sample: 10 days
Urine and swabs: 5 days

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How do I check my results?

Contact the Practice

Please remember it is YOUR responsibility to contact the surgery to get your test results. We will not routinely contact you to inform you about normal results. In the case of emergencies, the practice will contact you. However, we still encourage you to call for your test results as this provides an added safety net.


Please ring after 11am to enquire about any blood results or enquiry because phone lines will be busy before 11. Call our number on 01708 747147 or 01708 741872.


If you would like to know the results of your test, you can also check the NHS app or logging onto Patient Access.

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